ASHLYN is a classic Beach Bunny. Drop dead gorgeous with centerfold model looks! Good hearted, fun, playful and happy; What more could you want! She has very long light blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes and a perfectly gorgeous white smile. Well spoken and intelligent; Ashlyn loves the outdoors, stargazing and being close to nature. She… Continue reading Ashlyn


A classy addition to Beach Bunnies! AUBREY is a drop dead gorgeous and fit model. She has an absolutely gorgeous perfect white smile, beautiful hazel eyes, and long sun kissed blonde and brunette hair. She is soft spoken, genuine and loves the outdoors. She is poised and polished and able to fit in well at… Continue reading Aubrey


JESSYKA is a perfect fit at Beach Bunnies! JESSYKA has long brunette hair, very pretty green eyes, an infectious smile, and smooth flawless skin. She is simply adorable with a petite and fit Beach Body. In her free time Jessyka enjoys painting and art and to stay in shape she loves hiking and all things… Continue reading JESSYKA


This absolutely gorgeous raven haired fitness model is a true Beach Bunny! Crystal has a very pretty face, a beautiful white smile, and a beautiful fit bikini body. She is wise beyond her years, perceptive, caring and genuine. Crystal loves being outdoors and spends her time hiking on the many trails of the Okanagan and… Continue reading CRYSTAL

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