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KARSONBrunette Bombshell!


KARSON is a truly gorgeous blue eyed bombshell.

She is a classic stunning raven with long dark hair and sparkling blue eyes.

She previously attended university and is working towards a fine arts degree specializing in photography. Currently she is studying for her bachelor of science. While her talents and beauty are alluring, it’s her intriguing intelligence that makes for enjoyable conversations.

In her spare time she loves to exercise, explore nature, and of course hang out with her family. She is a go-getter who makes time for a little adventure when appropriate.

You’ll likely find Karson comforting as soon as you’re greeted by her gorgeous bright white smile and genuine warm energy. Being a well-rounded beauty; she is surely capable of providing a pleasurable experience.

Book her today to secure your chance to meet the lovely lady above! She loves travel, boating and is ready for the beach with her knockout body!

Reviews: “ As usual, the spa/receptionist/atmosphere was everything you could hope for, and more. Clean, discreet, friendly and organized, BB staff could give seminars to big box store companies on what customer service should look like. When I arrived and met my originally scheduled appointment, Gia, our values and expectations did not line up. Rather than feeling forced to “take what you can get”, she went to talk with the other girls, and find someone who would deliver the experience I hoped for. When KARSON walked in the room, the unspoken aura that radiated from here hit me instantly. Although new to the spa, her energy and attitude immediately turned the experience from a business transaction into what felt like a connection of something deeper, something long lost and searched for, found again. If you’re looking for a beautiful woman, you’ve found her. But her looks were only what ignited my animal nature. Her spirit is what made the time spent together feel like something more. I’ve never been disappointed in the few times I have used BB, but I’ve also never left feeling so at peace, both body and soul, as I do now. Beauty, wit, brains, and compassion. I hope KARSON stays for a long time, and leaves each and every one of you who visit her feel like I do now. Hell, i even forgot my wallet in the room when I left, and didn’t realize until at my truck. Going back to the spa, and the angel was already on her way to chase me down and return it!”

Stats34C-25-36, 5'5, 119 lbs.
ServicesBeach Bunnies Experience

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